How I Review

If you've read any of my reviews, you probably know how I review already. But I wanted to clear up a few questions.


Firstly, while reading the book in question, I won't review anything until the very end (which is *duh* how books are reviewed anyway, haha). While I'm reading the book, I'll post my little comments, questions, opinions, etc. When I finally do review the book, the review itself will have sections:


[ T h e  I n f o ]


Here, I'll give you basic information on the book, such as: the cover, the title & series, the author, the publisher & publication date, the language(s) the book is available in, the ISBNs, where you can buy the book, and finally the synopsis.


[ T h e  R e c a l l ] 


This area will be where I'll do a basic breakdown of the book, and provide my interpretations of a few of the situations in the book that caught my eye.


[ T h e  R e v i e w ]


Where all the fun stuff happens :) This section has 2 sub-categories.


The Good

Obviously where I'll put all the things I liked about the book.


The Bad

And where I'll put things I disliked about the book.


[ C o n c l u s i o n ]


And finally, the verdict: anywhere from no stars to 5 stars.