About Me

Hello, hello :) Please, just call me Keyonna!


Lots of you won't know this (*ahem* no one will know this), but this is my third attempt at starting a book review blog on Booklikes, and this time around, I'm absolutely determined to see this through.


So here I am in all my humble glory. *contradiction*


I've been working and dealing with college, but when I suddenly came into this new phenomenon of actually having time to do something besides breathe (a beautiful thing, I tell ya), I decided to re-re-start this whole book review bonanza.


Quick sidenote: Facebook was right; growing up is a trap. Savor those naps while you can, kiddies.


Anyway, where to start? How about a list? Lists help me organize stuff :)


  • I read recreationally and destructively. Meaning I binge read almost 20 books for about a month and then refuse to touch a single book for about 3 months thereafter.
  • I also write recreationally but refuse to post it on the interwebs because I'm forever criticizing what my mother vehemently insists is a "talent".
  • I love animals and work at a dog shelter. I foster dogs when needed and am also in school for my associates as a vet tech.
  • I love(d) video games. I was gungho for 'em when I was 13 and wanted to impress all the boys, but now it's all "meh". I will, however, watch the absolute sh*t out of a gameplay walkthrough.
  • I love using apps that give me money and make life resemble the word "easy". Which is horribly contradictory because I get this annoying satisfaction from actually working that keeps me from being as lazy as I want to be.
  • I love, love, love music. No particular genre; anything that holds my ear is welcome to find a home on my playlist.